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Radiant Communications

The Challenge: Radiant Communications is a leading provider of managed network and cloud hosting services for medium-size businesses in western Canada. As a B2B service provider their branding was poorly conceived, always responding to immediate sales needs, executed on a ad-hoc basis. The results were a disjointed brand identity, inconsistent messaging and poorly executed marketing material. Radiant was perceived in the market as a smaller player then they actually were. With a new business strategy to expand into new markets in Ontario and Quebec, and a new marketing team in place in Toronto, Radiant turned to Fusebox for help. However Sales was reluctant to change.

Solution: Through a detailed brand audit and interviews with key decision makers we were able to identify the underlying friction between sales and the new marketing team. Sales was resistant to change, while marketing wanted a more professional image and a strategic approach to messaging and materials. We developed a ‘refreshed’ brand identity that retained much of the old branding elements, such as their color scheme, and logo. We introduced a new ‘radiant’ graphic element that unify the marketing material across web and print. Digital templates were created and style guidelines were developed to aid Radiant in maintaining a consistent brand identity over time.

Results: The rebrand was well received by both sales and marketing staff, and customers. Radiant was able to articulate their service offerings to new customers in a more professional, consistent manner helping them win new business in new markets. The end results: Radiant was recently purchased by a larger competitor.